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Prohormones 101: The Full Guide

Prohormones are widely used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

The main reason why prohormones are becoming so popular is that they’re believed to have the very same effects as steroids but with no side effects.

Most individuals are unaware of exactly what a prohormone actually is, let me explain.


Allow me to start off by stating the most well-known prohormones are no longer around.

You have probably heard about Superdrol and Epistane.

But what most people don’t realize is that there are still other prohormone substitutes available.

The prohormones that remain accessible now have to comply with these acts. They don’t have any of the harsh side effects associated with the old prohormones, which is a massive plus.

These pro-hormone replacements are still legal and for sale.

All these are still quite powerful compounds but sadly nowhere near the potency of the old prohormones.

But when used correctly, you’ll have the ability to find some amazing results. I’ve used a few of them and the results were great.

What can you expect from these types of prohormone alternatives?

That is a great question. According to my personal experience, effects include

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Boost in strength
  • Boosts muscle growth
  • Helps burn fat

If these are not attractive for you check out SARMs.

In my opinion, they are even better than prohormones. I believe SARMs such as LGD-4033and RAD140 are very similar to Halodrol and Epistane.

I highly suggest that you check out my article on SARMs VS Prohormones to get an notion of what they are capable of.


I’ve used quite a few distinct types of prohormones. I wanted to share this information with the public and give you the very best prohormones of 2019.

I find these to be the best according to my own personal adventures and consumer reviews. Lots of people have utilized these compounds with great outcomes.

With these, you won’t need to be stressing about unpleasant side effects and all that.

Keep in mind guys, the prohormones we are going to discuss are still around and completely legal to buy.

1-Androsterone is one of my favorite prohormones. It’s by far the most used currently around.

1-Androsterone is also known as 1-DHEA or 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one

The reason why it’s my favorite is the fact that it is quite effective at medium dosages. It will allow you to gain lean muscle mass, power and also potentially burn excess fat.

This means that it’s much safer than a normal prohormone as it will not be as harsh on the body.

There are a couple of mild side effects that you may get from 1-DHEA, these include headaches, decreased libido and sometimes acne. Just a few individuals have reported receiving side effects from using this prohormone.

The recommended dose for 1-Androsterone is anywhere from 300mg to 900mg a day.

If you are new to utilizing these chemicals I highly suggest starting off with 300mg to observe how you react to the chemical.

Experienced users can go around 900mg a day. At this dose you will most likely be experiencing a little more unwanted effects.

I myself did not experience any side effects with the use of 1-Andro. I’ve run up to 600mg per day with no difficulties. Ended up gaining a few lbs of lean muscle mass which I was really pleased with.

Be sure that you keep within the recommended dose and you’ll be good to go. I would also recommend stocking up on a test booster incase you’ve got any problems with libido.

A somewhat new product on the market is Testrozone, it’s a muscle gel which includes a strong formula of 1-DHEA.

Be certain to purchase this prohormone from a reputable source such as SteelSupplements to be sure you’re getting the real deal.


Another prohormone I have used with great succes is Epiandrosterone.

Basically, it converts to DHT in your body. In the event you didnt know, dihydrotestosterone is the male sex hormone that’s also responsible for maintaining muscle and strength.

Due to it’s strong anabolic properties you may expect it to help with increasing lean muscle mass and strength.

The first time I used Epiandrosterone (Epi-Andro) I gained a significant number of lean muscle tissue. I am a massive fan of this compound because it lets you gain size with no serious side effects.

Typically you’ll see results within fourteen days. The effects include:

  • More strength
  • Increased vascularity
  • Lean muscle mass growth

The ideal dose for Epiandrosterone is anywhere from 200 to 400mg. Again, if you’re new to these compounds go with a lower dosage to begin with.

Something like a good testosterone booster which includes Ashwagandha will probably be adequate.

A cycle service merchandise is additionally advised. It will support the organs during a cycle, which is suggested.

Personally, I believe Epiandrosterone is one of the more powerful prohormones accessible right now.

The prohormones which are currently around are completely different than the old one’s. They were much more powerful and consequently carried a good deal more dangers.

The prohormones readily available now are rather safe.

As long as you stay within the recommended guidelines you should be OK.

We do suggest carrying a few precautions.

  • Utilize a PCT product like a testosterone booster
  • Utilize a cycle support product to shield organs
  • Stay inside advised cycle span
  • Stay in recommended dosages
  • Don’t consume any alcohol during your cycle

As long as you follow the basic guidelines you shouldn’t have to be concerned.


As I mentioned previously, there continue to be legal prohormones accessible. There appear to be a lot of misunderstandings regarding the legality of all prohormones.

These compounds are lawful prohormones I know of:

  • 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA or 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one)
  • 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA or 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one)
  • 4-Androsterone (4-DHEA or 4-androstene-3b-ol-17-one)
  • Epiandrosterone (Epi-Andro)
  • 1 4-OHP
  • 6-Keto-progesterone

You’ve probably discovered that a good deal of providers give their merchandise distinct names. Always double check the ingredients so you know what you’re purchasing is legal.

If you guys know of some other lawful prohormones please allow me to know. I’ll attempt to keep this list as up-to-date as possible so that there are not any misunderstandings.


The strongest prohormones are no longer around and are currently prohibited to possess. Back in 2014, Barack Obama signed the Designer Steroid Control Act.

After the action passed, the following compounds got banned.




4-chloro-17-methyl-androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-diol (Halodrol)

4-chloro-17-methyl-androst-4-ene-3,17-diol (P-Mag)



2,17-dimethyl-17-hydroxy-5-androstan-3-one (Superdrol)


2,3-epithio-17-methyl-5-androstan-17-ol (Epistane)




17-methyl-androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-diol (M1 or 4ADD)












This includes well-known compounds like RPN Havoc, Halodrol, P-mag, and Superdrol.

I am not positive if this list includes all the prohibited designer steroids. If you know of some other chemicals that needs to be added, please let me know.

I’m a fan of prohormones. They are powerful and are somewhat mild in contrast to steroids like Winstrol and such.

They’ll also assist you to make quick progress. A typical cycle will normally get you 5lbs of lean muscle mass.

However, I think SARMs might be better compared to prohormones.

I have also experimented with SARMs and found them to carry even less side effects. They also helped me gain more muscle than I would with a prohormone.

If you are not familiar with SARMs I highly suggest checking out some of my articles.


There are only a few places that have prohormones for sale. They’ll have legal ones like 1-Andro, 4-Andro, and EpiAndro.

What most people do not know is they still do the job very efficiently. I would strongly recommend getting them out of SteelSupplements.